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Education Loan

Nothing can replace quality education when it comes to building a bright and successful future for your child and education is the only thing that can get a happy life going. However, due to the rising cost of higher education for students in India as well as abroad, parents are finding it more and more difficult to self-finance their children's education hence there is a huge demand for loans to cover education expenses. Unlike most educational institutions today, educational loans are given to meritorious and deserving students so that nothing hinders their progress and they achieve the best of education in India or abroad. At present, almost every Indian bank and NBFC offer education loans in India to students interested in pursuing a wide range of graduate, post graduate, professional and doctoral courses/degrees.

The quantum of expenses covered by this type of loan covers not just the direct expenses such as tuition fees and registration/examination fees, but also allied expenses such as those for uniforms, lab equipment/tools required for the course, travelling expenses and laptop. Aside from the fee payable to the school/college, other expenses covered by most education loans include

Under this Scheme Interest is given during the moratorium period i.e., Course period plus one year on Education Loan taken from the Scheduled Banks under the Model Education Loan Scheme of Indian Banks Association to students belonging to economically weaker sections whose annual.


  • An Education loanplan is a safe and efficient way to gain finance for when compromising on your child’s education is not an option. It is a long-term investment in your child’s secure future. It has the following features.
  • Anyone can opt for Education loan to study abroador in India for graduate, post graduate, professional and/or doctoral courses/degrees.
  • Loan cannot be assigned to the student alone, the parent or guardian needs to be co-signor for the loan.
  • Female students are usually offered discounts and/or lower interest rates when it comes to education loans.
  • The normal student loan repayment period is 5 to 7 years, but flexible options for settlement of education loanswith longer time period, i.e. 10to15 years is also available. You should be an Indian citizen.

Gold Loan

Mtos Nidhi Limited shall give loans to its members only against the following securities, namely:-Gold Loans enables customers to avail a general purpose loan against the pledge of gold ornaments to meet immediate and short term requirements. Provided that the repayment period of such loan shall not exceed on.

With Gramdhan Seva Nidhi Limited. Gold Loan services, it takes no more than a few minutes for your gold to generate cash. The simple procedure that we follow allows: Quick loan disbursal. Minimum loan amount of Rs 1500 with no maximum limit.

Fulfill your immediate financial needs with Gramdhan Seva Nidhi Limited gold loans. Gold loans are the quickest way to get funds for personal or business requirements. The funds from gold loans can be used for weddings, education, business expansion or any other similar purpose. With minimal documentation and secure storage.


  • Loan available against jewellery ornaments of 22 ct and above.
  • Loan Tenure of 12 Months.
  • Loan can be utilized for any purpose other than speculative and illegal use.
  • Instant Cash Disbursement. Simple, fast and easy.
  • Safe, insured & Secured Storage System
  • Flexible and low interest rate.

Personal Loan

Get a personal loan without any security or guarantor with minimum documentation. Loan Disbursement within 72 hours* of document submission. Interest rate remains unchanged throughout the loan tenure. Simple documentation - It can be accessed with minimal paperwork and documentation and doesn't take much time

End use of the Mtos Nidhi Limited can be House renovation, Holidays, Purchase of consumer durables, Education, Marriage, Short Term loan for equipment purchase, Short Term Working Capital, Any other personal emergency.

A personal loan is a short to medium term unsecured loan (no collateral) that you can use to meet current financial needs. Though most commonly used to meet expenses related to debt restructuring, vacations, unexpected medical expenses and down payments.

Introduction to Mtos Nidhi Limited Personal Loan

  • Multi-purpose personal loan.
  • Fixed rate of Interest, Interest charged on monthly reducing basis.
  • Flexible tenures up to 60 months.
  • No security, no collateral.
  • Loan payable in easy installments
  • Repayment through Auto-debit / ECS / PDC